#2 Much Ado About Nothing?


Roughly two days later, the kittens and their mother began to resurface. Mocha was the first to appear, and from the looks of it, she was just looking for her kittens. The little ones were overly energetic and carefree for the likes of her. The better part of my waking hours was spent in trying to convince them that I was worth their time- even if all I had was dairy and affection. Love infamously is the one of the things most can do without. They shouldn’t have to, but it is what it is. Mocha and the kittens agreed as they would wander off and disappear for days. I’d occasionally catch a glimpse of them or hear them meowing, but that was it- a blunt reminder of my place in this universe.

I missed Coffee the most. Toffee seemed to be very anxious and Mocha couldn’t care less. I spent those days making DIY cat toys. Well, what did you expect? We’re in lockdown and I have a lot of time to spare. The very first one was the wand. That’s a bit of a stretch as it was just a broken twig with few leaves and it was a tremendous success. Turns out all cats love to paw at anything that flutters. This encouraged me to actually make a cat wand. It was simple really, I just yanked a bunch of feathers from a dream catcher and fixed it on a string. Their amusement never faltered. Then came the infamous-now-famous sock toy. Literally stuffed a sock with old rags and bubble wrap. Ideally, it works well when stuffed with catnip. Now, where am I going to find cat-weed in this hour?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the internet taught me everything. One of the articles I read mentioned that cats love the smell of lavender. Adding a drop of lavender essential oil on the sock toy, I patiently waited for them show up. Mummy-cat showed up. As always, she sniffed it and walked away. Toffee was looking at the toy keenly and didn’t budge as I cautiously approached her with my offering. Her ears perked as she cautiously sniffed it and I could hear what I grossly misunderstood to be a purr. Instead of backing off, I nudged her paw with the toy which she took as a sign of aggression. This ended with her scratching my arm while I heard the loudest meow she could muster from her tiny mouth.

The only upside to this was that the cats seemed to have approved my attempts to woo them… finally!


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