Kitty Chronicles

The last few weeks have been taxing for us all; some more than others. Luckily the last few days were much nicer and entertaining. Cats. I love them and they love me. That’s a lie, they couldn’t care less but that’s not the point. How about that? Something nice actually came out during this period of uncertainty.

My first interaction with these feline fiends was when I saw the mother (now christened Mocha) nursing her kittens (Toffee and Coffee) in our front yard. My already manic love for these adorable carnivores (regardless of their indifference) began to bubble out in bouts of ‘aww’s and ‘ooh’s much to my parent’s dismays. After continuous deliberation and relentlessness on my part, it was agreed that I could ‘keep’ these semi-feral cats. Before I begin, you must understand that three kinds of ‘domestic’ cats (Felis catus).  Feral cats are domesticated cats but without the domestic part. They were the cats that were left to fend for themselves, thus having little to no dependence on humans. Semi-feral cats or stray cats interact with humans and are accustomed to human behaviour but have a ‘no strings attached’ sort of a situation. They have no ‘owner’ as such. Socialized cats are the cute ones from Instagram videos. They are fully dependent on humans and are comfortable around them.

As a cat lover, I am ashamed to say that I had no idea about the above-mentioned demarcations. Much like most people, I believed cats were just ‘cats’ with varying amount of puffiness from breed to breed. I figured with this overwhelming amount of time on my hands, I might as well document my experiences and lessons along the way!

Mocha (mum)
Toffee and Coffee