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Social distancing (day-1)

With the 21-day social-distancing-lockdown-thing being enforced, it seems as if I have hit quite the roadblock with matters at hand. What do I do? 21 day online courses come to mind, so do entering various writing competition, getting around painting (perhaps). A part of me screams to make the best of these days, while the other louder part of me pretends that the end of the world is upon us and anything I do is going to be for nought, so I might as well enjoy the days that are to come. Phew so many options (or lack thereof)

Given that I am the biggest putter-offer I’ve ever met, I realized that it wasn’t about the lack of options but more about the ginormous spectrum to choose from. More often than not, I found myself quite overwhelmed with the things at hand; my go-to complaint being ‘shortage of time’. It took me a solid two weeks of denial and blissful ignorance to realize that, I had become a dull piece of shit. That’s right I dropped the S-bomb, never seen that before, eh? But for real, at what point was I going to let go of my innate need to keep things neutral and embrace the inbred creep we all deny having?

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I guess it’s about damn time I habituate to giving the voices an outlet lest I start chewing my arm off. So how about I take up this nobody-asked-for-weird challenge to do something new each day? Do we really need to step outside to have a ‘life’? (Don’t answer that) Is it possible that I might come out of this social distancing lockdown as a better individual? Or will I continue to be the same delinquent with a better grasp at soft skills?  Only time will tell…

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